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Alberto Costa

Alberto Costa is responsable for Aexein of the Industrial Performance practice and can leverage more than 30 years of professional experience gained both as advisor in the Operating consulting and as senior Executive/General Manager in different companies and industries in Italy and abroad.

Beyon his attitude to transform, re-organize and implement strategies, Alberto has a broad experience in Industrial performance improvement with a genuine and reliable Lean spirit and an hands on approach.
Successful background with COOs and Supply Chain directors and the use of a consolidated methodology inspire Alberto's contribution to Aexein projects, that starting from an initial assessment to point out issues and root causes, ends up with detailed action plans definition and operating support to really "make the change"

He has successfully carry out Transformation and Industrial Performance Improvement projects, with particular focus on Consumer Goods and Industrial equipment industries, leading complex turnaround, managing organizational restructuring, generating short and long term bottom line benefits.


In his career Alberto:

  • Served as General Director in the Italian "Pret a porter" segment, managing different brands and operating environments

  • Served as CEO for the French branch of an Italian company playing in the household segment

  • Advised some Italian and French companies with focus on production and distribution business units. Among them Gallo, Glam, Monclair, Petroltecnica


Alberto has a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the prestigious University of Bologna

Industrial Performance
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